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Founded in 1987 by the journalist Ricardo Viveiros, a respected professional with experience in important media vehicles (print and electronic) in Brazil and abroad, Ricardo Viveiros & Associates is headquartered in São Paulo with presence throughout the country that also has a number of international partners.

Guidelines / Policies:

Our work philosophy is to integrate resources, analyze them and perform effective actions to enhance the brand, products and service of our clients, based on different guidelines.

Perception of customer needs: getting to know your reality, market, competitors, legislation and objectives, we seek for solutions and tools according to your profile to enhance your performance, customer loyalty and open new markets and businesses.

Occupying the market: we offer customized communication solutions to help our customers achieve greater market share, enhance the brand image and improve their results.

Results orientation: every action aims at collaborating towards achieving the client’s goals, using ethical criteria and security of information.

Communication in multiple channels: seek communication channels that actually reach the target audience makes all the difference. This is our role. The correct message, in the most appropriate communication medium, with quality and efficiency.

Based on the fundamentals of ethics in journalism, we develop diagnosis and communication services to create, plan and execute solutions that impact and influence different types of audiences, generating long-term relationships and value to the brands, products and services of our clients.


Ricardo Viveiros & Associates is a company founded and directed by a team that is highly qualified, talented and proactive in developing strategies and customized solutions. There are dozens of professionals, among journalists and communications specialists, as well as graphic designers and consultants in different areas. The team is dedicated and committed to achieving results for the agency’s clients.

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Throughout its operation, Ricardo Viveiros & Associates won a number of major awards in the field.

  • “Aberje” award – 1995 and 1996

Considered the “Oscar” of Brazilian Corporate Communication, the Aberje (Brazilian Association of Corporate Communication) was granted in 1995 to Ricardo Viveiros & Associates in the Media Relations category for work done regarding the XIII International Book Biennial of São Paulo. In 1996, the company became back-to-back champion, with a case called “An Internship is not a job,” for CIEE (Company-School Integration Center).

  • “Best of Marketing” award – 2002

Ricardo Viveiros & Associates was the first – and so far only – press office to win the most important award of Brazilian marketing: the “Best of Marketing in 2002,”  from the Association of Sales and Marketing Managers of Brazil (ADVB).

  • “Best quality” award – 2005

Ricardo Viveiros & Associates was considered the Corporate Communication agency that practices the most contemporary and effective model of operation in creating and sustaining corporate image, customer visibility in their markets and society, generating business and managing crisis. The result is based on surveys of top executives from five thousand companies across the country.

  • Benjamin Hurtado Echeverria” award – 2010

Awarded by Conlatingraf (Latin American Confederation of Graphic Industry) to the journalist Ricardo Viveiros, for being the “Print Communication personality in Latin America.”

  • Ampliar Project (Secovi-SP) – 2011

Special tribute to the agency awarded in recognition of its work in disseminating this NGO, which acts on behalf of children and adolescents at risk.

  • “Antonio Bento” award from ABCA (Brazilian Association of Art Critics)– 2011

Awarded to Ricardo Viveiros, for his journalistic contribution to art and culture in Brazil.

  • “Communicator of the Year” award – 2013

Given to the journalist Ricardo Viveiros by Aberje (Brazilian Association of Corporate Communication). The award is selected through national vote from the sector.

  • “Trustful Agency” Seal – 2015

Ricardo Viveiros & Associates was one of the few communication agencies to achieve the highest level of quality and excellence, from the evaluation of their own customers, according to the Confidence in Communication research from 2015 – done by H2R Advanced Research in partnership with the magazine “Negócios da Comunicação” (Communication Business). know more.

Database of Sources

It’s a tool from RV&A to help journalists echo many different subjects. Simply click on the subject to check the list of entrepreneurs, executives, teachers and class leaders who talk about the various sectors and whose testimonials can enrich the contents of the media.